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"Millie"     13"

  Baby Millie is made of a soft dense Schulte alpaca from Germany. I have given her a lovely soft green eyes that I have enhanced to appear to appear real. I have embroidered her nose with a brown perle cotton and shaded.
Her arms and legs are jointed and she is stuffed with poly and tiny glass beads. Her feet and hand pads are made with a dark brown that I have sculpted and shaded. Her chubby little cheeks are air brushed with a darker color to define her fingers and toes. Her soft green silk bow is pinned on for easy removal.

$400. + $15.  shipping/insurance in the US





"Christine 15 1/2"

This very femine little girl is made from a two tone Shulte German curly mohair
the head and body are white and the arms, ears and legs are a soft golden tan color.
I have given her German hand blown glass blue grey eyes that I have enhanced with whites, lids and lashes.
Her nose is made from ultrasuede that I've stuffed, embroidered, shaded and sealed. Her muzzle is also accented with
shading. Her paw pads are a brown ultrasuede that I have enhanced to appear life like with stitching and shading.
She is wearing a beautiful antique sweater that is made of a silk emboidery thread. It is a beautiful cream color and
I have replaced the ribbon with a new double sided ribbon one.
Her tummy, feet and hands are weighted with tiny glass beads and she is stuffed with poly fiberfill.
I pinned a co-ordinating rose in her hair, so it is removeable if desired.

$500. + $16.  shipping/insurance in the US


"Daisy" 15" Sold

$450. + $16.  shipping/insurance in the US




"Elbert"     10"  Sold


$275. + $15.  shipping/insurance in the US



"Edgar"     11"   OOAK Sold


$275. + $10.  shipping/insurance in the US

"Dexter"     15"    Sold  

"Bellamy"     11"    OOAK


" Christina"    18"    OOAK Sold


"Stars and Stripes"    15"    OOAK Sold  
" Peaches & Cream"    11"    OOAK    Sold


$300. + $15.  shipping/insurance in the US

" Otto"    11"    OOAK          Sold

$300. + $15.  shipping/insurance in the US

" Sugar"   15"     Sold

$400. + $20.  shipping/insurance in the US

" Ava"           "16 1/2"      Sold

$475. + $20.  shipping/insurance in the US

" Kylee"           "15 1/2"      Sold


$425. + $20.  shipping/insurance in the US



" My heart belongs to you"     15 1/2"  Sold


$425. + $20.  shipping/insurance in the US

" Milton"     12"       OOAK       Sold


$335. + $15 shipping/insurance in the US

How'd ya like my handlebar mustache?



"Henry"       "16"  Sold   OOAK


$500. + $20 shipping/insurance in the US


"Maple"       "16"   Sold     OOAK  

$485.  + $20 shipping/insurance in the US

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"Mack"             "15"      Sold OOAK

$425.  + $20 shipping/insurance in the US

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"Pansy"              "11.5"     Sold  OOAK
"Clown Julius the 4th"     13 " Sold  OOAK

$375.  + $15 shipping/insurance in the US
"Gracie and her teddy bear"     18 "   Sold    
"Kelly"     10"      Sold       OOAK


 "Gabriella"    17"  ooak      Sold


   "Darlene"      Sold
"Daffy"      Sold  
"In Love"   16.5"   OOAK      Sold

Yeh! Just what I wanted! My own sled!

"Murphy"   12"   OOAK    Sold

I'm ready...give me a push!

Are you taking my picture first?



"Christmas is for the birdies...too!"   12"   OOAK       Sold
"Charity"   18"   OOAK     Sold
"Austin"   12  3/4'   OOAK     Sold  
"No Elle"      10 1/2"      Sold






"Paprika"   13 1/4"      Sold


"Janet"   12"

OOAK       Sold

"Billy Bob"  Sold

 10 1/2"    

"Sawyer"   16  1/2"         Sold


"Laurie"   17"       Sold  
"Lester"   10"     Sold


"Eugene"   12"   OOAK              Sold  
  "a Beary Happy Easter"  Sold   12"  OOAK  

"Mario"     17"  OOAK       Sold


"Romeo"   13"    Sold


"I made this Valentine for you, Juliet!"

"this is the back's a picture of you and me!"

Oh Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

"I'm just hanging out here in my lawn chair, thinking about you Babe! (2008 version)

"Adele"   18"  OOAK       Sold
"Sampson"     13"  OOAK        Sold
  "Scotty"    19"  OOAK          Sold  

"just kicking back and taking it cool!"

"I did it! First time I climbed a tree!

"This is kind of scary"

"Aah....the life of Riley!"


"Polly Polar"    OOAK       Sold
"Sassy"    OOAK            Sold

Sassy is 17" and is made from a soft gold and white dense and curly Schulte mohair.  She has beautiful amber gold German glass eyes, an embroidered and waxed nose, tweezed ears and ultrasuede paw pads.  I added air-brushed shading  to her face, inside of her ears and sculpted paw pads.  She is stuffed with poly, tiny glass beads and a pillow of bb's placed into her behind.

"Sally"    OOAK          Sold


Dyou like my puddy dress?

Don't take my pitcher wif me bear-naked!

"Meadow"              Sold

16"   excluding her ears



"Effie"                Sold

"Bruster"                Sold


"Emmy Lou"                     Sold



"Mango"          LE 2                     Sold




Do you wanna see better?

"Easter Hunny"          OOAK               Sold



"Marley"          OOAK                     Sold


"Jingles"          OOAK   Sold



"Flurr Eez"             Sold


"Pearl"              Sold



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"Grizwald"                   Sold



"Malcolm"   16.5"           Sold




"Olivia O'Hare"   15"           Sold


"Basil"   12"           Sold



"Thyme "  16  1/2 "          Sold

"Prego "   OOAK  Sold


"Jeckle "   OOAK  Sold


"Spencer "   OOAK  Sold
" Jacqueline"    11.5"    OOAK   Sold

$325. + $15.  shipping/insurance in the US

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