What is Anal Sex Toy? Various type of anal sex toy

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What is Anal Sex Toy?

What is Anal Sex Toy?

A sex toy is an object and the item which is used for the human sexual pleasure like a dildo or the vibrators.many of the sex toys are made by the resemble human genitals and it's maybe vibrating or the nonvibrating. The product can also include a BDSM apparatus and sex furniture such as the slings. the birth controlled can not be included in the sex toys like a condom, pornography, birth controlled product. The sex toys or adult toys come in almost all countries for male and the female.

The anal sex toys are used during the anal sex, which was considered a taboo, nowadays the anal sex toys using during the anal sex make a more and more popular in India and another country .as it should,because there can we found some pleasure when using it,some of the people found very arousing and enjoyable and can't do without it anymore. If you want to use it you should know about it before using it.

When having the anal sex it is very important to use the lubricants or the water-based lubricant since the anus the unlike the vagina cannot create its own lubrication .the tissue of the rectum is very soft and without the lubrication, it causes the pain and the discomfort. Because of the softness of the tissue, it is also important using the condom in order o prevent the HIV, because it spread more easily it there is tearing in the anus.

This will not only make you feel more comfortable t its prevent from the infection. after having the penetrated the rectum, the penis never put into the vagina or in the mouth, first wash the penis without a condom or wash before the condom applied om it .its prevent from the infection. the same goes to the anal sex toys .first the toy should e neat and the clean. using toys after wash it. and the lubricant must be applied during the sex toys used for the stimulation to avoid the pain and the discomfort.



There is much different product of the anal sex available in the market we have to choose the product according to your need from its shape and the size .or in other patterns you choose it’s vibrating or the nonvibrating.

If you are a beginner you might start with the beads and the plugs.because of their spheres, beady are the ideal toys for the beginner and the beginners are must starts with the beads, the beads start with small size and increase the beads in size step bt step in size. This allows the more pleasure and enjoyment because it goes inside of you and it feels the more girth and the length. This type of toys is using in the masturbation, intercourse, or stimulation of the rectum. for the more pleasure, it pulled out right before an orgasm.

The butt plugs are very popular among the beginners and are used to spread the anus to prepare them for something else like the dildo are used to long terms stimulations. If you are the beginner and you want to start with the small than you'd choose the beaded head sucher and the rocket sucker. the butt plugs also come in the different size they come in the small and the medium size.

dildo is the most used sex toys for those types f the sex play.its is the favorite toys used for the beginner also. anal dildo is better for the beginner because the anal dildo has a tapered head which makes an insertion easily. these types of the dildo can also be used for the man's prostate glands and the black vaginal wall inside the vaginal of the female stimulations because of there shape. the rocket sucker is the best for the normal anal sex for using the hardness that pleasurable.

A vibrator is a perfect choice for those people who want to add more pleasure and enjoying in there sex life or in the experience. vibrators come in many different shapes and the sizes, so there are prefer one for everybody.the vibrators give a penetrate fantastically and provide pleasure they push the orgasms.



If you are looking for easy clean toys, then you should buy the silicone made sex toys. its the soft toy that clean easily and the silicon made toys will be shared with the other. but the silicon made toys cant be used with a silicone-based lubricant.



1 BUTT PLUGS: the butt plugs are very popular in the beginner, that was used the first time for the anal sex for the pleasure. its starts with the small sphere and increasing steps by the steps by .its go inside to you and fell the lightly for the more pleasure. this type of toys are used in the masturbation, intercourse and the stimulation the body parts .for more pleasure it can be pulled out right before the sex and the intercourse. The beads on this toy start very small and grow to 1 inch in diameter, so you have complete control over how intense the penetration becomes. LoveHoney representative Sammy Cole recommends pulling the beads when you are at the climax to intensify the excitement.

2 DILDO: dildo is the most popular sex toys for the sexual play or the stimulations because of its shape and the size its available in the different designed. the anal dildo is designed like that they inserting anal, the anal dildo has tapered heads, which goes insertion easier. these types of dildo are also used for the made prostate glands and the black wall of the women vaginas is stimulation. The pleasure sets are the comes when the rocket sucker is used for normal anal sex.

3 Vibrators: a vibrators are most favorites sex toys in the people because of the manufacture the vibrators are designed by the different shapes and the differing size,its has some many types of the vibrations patters for the more pleasure and they are controlled by the remote or they connected bt the wire .they penetrate fantastically and provide the more enjoying and pleasure they push the best orgasms ever experienced. The anal vibrators are designed to inserted into the rectum,which are stimulation the men prostate. G SPOt vibrators are mainly designed curve at pne ends to allow the female G SPOT

4 MALE PROSTATE TOYS: the toys are mainly designed for the male prostate glands, which are found at least 2 inches inside the anus.