What is condom. Different types of condom. the condom for male

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What is condom ?

Different types of condom ?

Today everyone known about the condom and the uses of the condom. Due to increasing demand the users make the condom very popular in the sex life. In India and the other some country population is the major problem. Condoms give the full satification and the full pleasure and it fully controlled the population it is secure during the sexual activity. Condom are manily used for the two reason the first one is stop the or controlled the population and the second is the is prevents the harmfull desise like HIV. Condoms give the more pleasure during the intercourse. Some people are little fear about unsafe sex toy so this time condom plays the main role in providing safe sex and more pleasure by its flavored creates a romantic environment during sexual activity

Condoms are made from different materials like latex rubber, synthetic rubber and polyurethane So that we can say condoms works as a barrier during sexual activity. Some of the user are using the condom to creat attractive sexual activity and and the condom flavored make its more pleasure during the intercourse the best quality of condom can not break down during the sexual activity or the intercourse . Some experience user feels board play same sexual activity in normal schedule then they want to change or add some object to increase to sexual feeling and capacity. it is the Couple toy.Today condoms are used in big quantity by people and people know all the advantages of condoms. Some sex toys also used with condoms to increase sexual feeling .

Different types of condom?

 Different types of condom?

condom are comes in different types of the materials and the flavored .Condoms are very smooth and soft so they have a stretching capacity is multiple times to other rubber objects and plastic smooth object. According to this quality condoms are used mostly people in intercourse multiple time during sexual activity. Some condoms are used also in foreplay and oral sex. Some types of condoms.

Flavoured condom:

The flavored condom are the best condom for the new couple for making their life more enjoyable and If you have allergy with other type of condom then you should try Flavoured condoms for maore enjoy. Many type of verities of flavoured condom available in the online market or offline markets. Flavoured condom also use in foreplay and oral sex for given more exciting sexual life. flavoured condoms are very famous as compare to the other type of condoms because it make beautiful and romantic environment during sexual activity or intercourse. The flavored condoms are also comes in the different type in the market type of flavoured condoms like strawberry, banana, apple, vanilla, mint, chocolate, etc. they are comes is different types so the user have many option to choose the condom according to their test .the user or the people who wants to use the condom so they are are easy to order on the oline and the ofline. Some people are also used in masturbator with the adult toy.

Ribbed condom:

Ribbed condoms are a special designed for the experienced user because some user does not feel with an ordinary condom then they choose some better condom. Ribbed condoms are made around them with extra short raised ridges or dotted , which are made more sensational by friction and roughness to both male and female partners that develop during sexual activity. We can also use prostate massager with this type of condom.

Dotted condom:

Dotted condoms are also specific condoms that provide more sexual feeling with pleasure and sensational feeling during sexual activity or intercourse . Dotted condoms are provide imaging sexual feeling and pleasure to the partner mostly female partner because by the effect of the dots are given best sensational feeling in the vagina for the female user. Dotted condom can also use with for more erotic sexual activity with both partner. Dotted condoms can be used for anal sex to get hard sexual activity. Some experience people also use with BDSM dotted condom to get for more sexual feeling.

the condom for male?

the condom for male?

Male condom are famous in India because There is a different type of quality and quantity available in male condoms. Male condom are easy to use by the man. Male worn condom on thepenis to prevent sperm from entering the female's vagina during sexual activity when the men ejaculate. Male worn condom on the penis at the erect condition and before contact your partner's touch.

First carefully open the packaging, not to tear the condom. Them hold the condom between finger and thumb to make sure put on the right way around the penis and no air is trapped inside otherwise condom may break by air. Placed condom roll it down over the length of the erect penis and fix it properly. After Sex wraps the used condom and puts it in the dustbin. You should never flush condoms in the toilet otherwise they may block the toilet.Male condoms are easily available in the online market. You can also buy condom offline stores, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc.

the condom for female?

How male use the condom for female?

Female condoms are used by women.women used the condom with the.dildo female condomes are made in such a way that they can not break down during the intercourse.. The use of female condom also same as male condom, after removing condom from its packaging placed closed end of the condom into the vagina and the another end hold with other fingers. We can also buy condoms in the online market and offline market.