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In morden with the development of the culture and the passing of the laws, the proportion of the gay people is continuously increasing in daily life, With the development of culture and the passing of laws, the proportion of gay people is continuously increasing in daily life, but there are still gay closures in India. Some gays still fear social acceptance. Due to Indian conservative attitude regarding the sexual matter. Indian is a male-dominated society and being a girl and being gay is very difficult for a woman. Being gay is a life of double discrimination. The first because of her gender and the second because of her sexuality.

We believe the word and know that being gay is not a wrong thing. You should feel free to come in front of the world and improve your desire whether it is sexual and emotional. We can help you improve your sex life by introducing sex toys for gays that you can use with your lesbian partner. male toy is used by the man with a lesbian partner.Eventually, the Supreme Court approved having unnatural sex between two women as well. Many of the sex comes in different patterns like. sex furniture . Dildo is also used by the lesbian .with your lesbian partner.



A sexual position for a homosexual in sexual activity is called butch and female. It is a division of the role by a gay partner and depends on homosexual choice in sexual activity. This is similar to the up and down position of gay. .

Butch partner:

Butch partner works masculine in lesbian couples. Butch prefers style, behavior and complete self-perception as a male. He is a lover in a gay couple. .


Female partners in a gay couple traditionally act as feminine. The female prefers style, behavior, and self-realization as a woman. He is a girlfriend in gay couples. .

Double ended dildo

Double ended dildo ?

Double ended dildos are a special category for lesbian. Such dildos have double penetrators from either side, so both female partners can enjoy entry. It is fun to use by Gay because it is available in both realistic and non-realistic structures. Lesbians can use this dildo for anal penetration, anal for vaginal penetration and vaginal penetration for vaginal penetration. It is these toys that provoke both partners simultaneously at the same time


Strap-on dildo or harness dildo is suitable for playing sex positions by lesbian. The butch partner can act as a male with the help of a strap on the dildo and distinguish a femme partner like a male. It is the dildo that allows gay partners to enjoy real intercourse. The partner can decide the size of his penis according to his needs. Strap on dildos is available with different sizes, shapes, and different harness belts. Lesbian Couples should also choose their harness belt carefully. .

Finger and tongue tremor using the finger and tongue vibrator in lesbian sex is exciting. Although lesbian partners can use their fingers and tongues to lick and lick, the vibrator is fun to use because the finger and tongs vibrate when using the vibrator. Both partners can use it and enjoy the Cunnilingus. Vibrators are powerful and can operate without any break. This vibrator is available in many different sizes and shapes, one that a gay couple can find of their choice. .


Sex lubricant is necessary for use in sex. It does not depend on whether it is between two women. Sex lubricant eliminates dryness and smooths penetration. Sex lubricant should also be used in masturbation. It is ideal for placing lubricants above the strap on the dildo, on either side of the double-ended dildo, or the other dildo and vibrator you are using for insertion. Sex lubricant is also good at massaging and foreplay with butch and female partners. .


Massage, an electronic and vibrating. vibratorsuitable for gay couples for their foreplay. Massages have many options to choose from with their size and characteristics. The magic wand can be good for the masseur. It is huge and can stimulate large amounts of areas at once. Butch and female partners can stimulate each other like vaginal walls, clitoris, nipples, breasts, etc. to stimulate each other. With the magic wand extension, gay couples can penetrate each other as well. .



The specialty of the nipple, it is special for gays and women to stimulate and enjoy their nipples or breasts. It is a vibrating vibrator with a suction cup that attaches to the nipple or breasts and provides vibration modes. It stimulates both partners. Lesbian couples can use it in their foreplay act with a dildo or vibrator just before they enter. It gives better fun than fingertip stimulation. And this type of toy is called thenipple toy.

The purpose of using sex toys is different for lesbian or lesbiancouple toy. It depends on their choice and choice. .

Men are dirty and believe in fast sex. Enjoying each other by slow insertion is not slow sex. This is to make each other comfortable by caressing each other. The nature and reaction of the opposite partner matters. It is suitable for early couples to make the partner comfortable and have multiple caresses for multiple erogenous zones and subsequent insertion. .

Silicon type and oil type lubricants are useful for slow sex, coz it is not easy to dry. It is also fine to weaken the vibrator (of course the type that can adjust the strength is desirable.) And use it for a long time. Of course, slow BDSM is also popular among lesbians. .